Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Checking In

I havent been on in about a month so I decided to just check in... Within the past month I turned 30..AAAHH 30.. How crazy.. Where did these last 30 years go? LOL.. Well to celebrate I went to Charleston. I stayed with my sister for a few days.. It was great.. That Saturday my neice and nephew had a birthday party. We had SO much fun that weekend.. It was something I needed and It was awesome to see my sister and the family. I just really wish my brother was there also.. He couldnt come down due to work... I really miss him.... :-(

I will post pictures one day this week..

Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

I know I have mentioned before on how much I love the 4th of July and this year just reminded me on HOW much I love it.. LOL

I spent the day with Jamie and Gavin.. Swimming and eating super yummy food.. That evening I met up with Adam for the Jennah exchange.. So Jennah, Jamie, Gavin and I went downtown to do the celebrating.. We ate dinner at Wild Wings. Had a snow cone and then walked back to our parking lot to get ready to see the fireworks.. This kids played by the car and around this tree while Jamie and I chatted..

The fireworks came and Jennah did not like them at all.. LOL.. Poor thing kept on telling me that she was scared and wanted to go home.. Besides her being scared they were really good.. We had a great time..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Washing away my stress

I am at Jamie's sitting on her porch which is on the third floor of her apartment building.. Its pouring out and the wind is blowing. OMG this has got to be the best feeling in the world.. No one to bother me, sipping on a cold Dr. Pepper and listening to the rain and thunder with a small touch of wind hitting my toes.. Now I have go to say that Jamie's porch faces trees so it looks like the rain forest out here..Its bliss.. Like I said, I could not be any happier.. If I had a hammick I would being taking a nap right now.. LOL. My stress seems to be washing away with the rain and it feels terrific.

Thank you mother nature for giving me exactly what I needed..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stressed and Blessed

I tend to complain about a lot of things that happen in my life.. Like the past couple of weeks have been pretty tough on me.. I have had a lot of challenging things happen and then I had some greatful things happen.. Well lets just say the whole month of June was a challenge for me.. June 10th is my wedding anniversary, then June 14th is my divorce anniversary.. I tried to think of those dates as milestones.. See how much I have grown in those years... I honestly couldnt tell you why this year it was so tough.. I really had a hard time dealing with those.. AND on top of all that I fell SO behind on my bills.. Struggling really bad.. So stress with that kinda took over as well.. I ended up with an ear infection that wouldnt seem to go away and since I had so much stress I developed Shingles once again.. So now I am struggling with that. What a pain in the butt... Thesejust an example of what happened this month..

SO, not only did bad things happen I had a few good things that happened.. While struggling with my situations I realized what great friends and family I had.. I had one particular friend that helped me beyond I can imagine.. If it wasnt for her I would be in a huge rutt. So a huge thank you to Jamie.. :-)

I dont know if I have ever mentioned but I LOVE the 4th of July.. Its my ultimate favorite holiday.. I love just about everythign about it.. Friends, Family, cookouts, the smell of cookouts, fireworks, pool, beer, seeing the face on my daughter when she sees the fireworks, and all the red white and blue.. Couldnt have asked for a better holiday...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!!!

I just wanted to leave a short note saying Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there... I'm not that close to my dad but I still love him very much and I wish him a great fathers day.

Today Jennah is going to her daddy's house to spend some time with him.. I feel bad b/c I wasnt able to get him anything but then again oh well..

I do want to talk about my little ones daddy.. What a great daddy.. I do not have one complaint about him when it comes to Jennah.. I tell people all the time that I have the best baby daddy/ex-husband I could have asked for.. He is awesome.. He gets her every weekend and when he is in the area he will stop by to see her.. I know for a fact that she is his sunshine, his life and he loves her very much.. For that I thank God everyday for such a great father for Jennah..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She Cracks Me Up

Jennah always seems to amaze me on how smart she is.. I know that sounds weird but she says off the wall things.. Things I had no clue she even knew about.. For example we were sitting on the couch watching Cops and there was a guy handcuffed and then all of a sudden she say's "Him's going to jail".. I looked at her and was like "OMG what did you just say". She repeated it.. I just started to laugh and I agreed with her and told her that "yes he is going to jail, he was a bad boy and had to go to jail." Like, Seriously does she really know what jail is? I called Adam right away and told him about it.. He just laughed.. He doesnt really remember ever saying anything about jail so theres no telling where she learned that.. It was super cute.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being the better person, "D" day and Potty Training

Ok, on Saturday I was driving over to Jamies when we passed by Matress Firm.. All of a sudden Jennah is in the back seat repeating Mary's name (Mary is Adam's girlfriend). I looked in the window as I was passing and saw that Mary was sitting at the desk by herself.. I asked Jennah if she wanted to say hi to her and she got all excited and said yes.. So I sighed and said ok.. Well my insides were shaking. I pulled in the parking space and had to just sit there and breathe.. I got Jennah out of the car and walked on in.. I wish everyone could have seen Mary's face.. it was hilarious.. LOL. She said hi and all and Jennah decided to play shy. I stood there and talked to her for about 10 mins about absolutley nothing.. Just trying to make small talk as Jennah played with her and stuff.. When it was over with I got in the car and text Adam right away. The funny thing was that she texted him the same exact time.. She said it was really nice of me and super cute that Jennah wanted to see her... Yeah it was nice of me.. Only if she knew that i was freaking out inside.. But Me as the better person put my feelings aside and let Jennah say hi to her...

So today is the first anniversary of my divorce. I was expecting it to be an awful day.. It ended up pretty good. I was in a good mood and really didnt think about what kind of day it was. I did bring it up to a few people but over all it was great.. Started my day very positive, had a great lunch with Jamie and then finished my day with a calm afternoon.. THANK GOODNESS my kids were in a pretty decent mood. They were pretty good. I love my daughter more than life but she is with Adam tonight and I'm kinda greatful. I have this evening to relax and just chill out.. Hey, even blog about my day and my life.. :-) Now that this day is almost over I can continue on with my healing and continue becoming a strong and a independent person.

So I am having a problem with my crazy child... See.. she has been pottied trained for many many many months... BUT for some reason she would not poop in the potty.. Here recently she has started pooping in the potty. Going on here own and coming out of the potty super excited..(its really cute). So, she will NOT poop in the potty for her daddy. He is doing all tricks that I am doing but what in the world could he be doing wrong? Why in the world is she being so stubborn for him? I guess she is just like her daddy.. LOL. So hopefully things will work out and she'll finally get the hang of it for him....

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I absolutley love summer time. Baseball, Pool, cook-outs and friends, oh and cant forget my favorite holiday~ The Fourth Of July..

Here are some pictures from this summer so far

Gavin and Jennah on our way to the pool

Loving this pic of me and my mini me

Gavin and Jennah.. Lovers and Haters

Jamie, Kathleen and I at The Green River

Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm that person

So I thought I would be that cool person who blogs while eating lunch in a totally cool cafe.. Except I'm eating luch at Atlanta Bread.. I mean dont get me wrong, Atlanta Bread is a cool place, its just not as cool as the tiny little cafe's in a downtown cafe.. LOL

Things are pretty decent my way. Jennah's ears are getting better.. Slowly but surely.. Work is so so.. Ready to find a new adventure.. Either with or without the company. I really enjoy most of the people I work with, its just I'm over the room I am in.. I'm ready for a new challenge. Something where I dont feel overwhelmed all the time.. I am sure soemthing will change soon.. I have faith.. I guess thats all I can have. Oh well.. I guess we'll see.

Things with Adam are fantastic. We get a long great.. We get a long better now than we have in 10 years.. Us being apart is defently better for Jennah.. We are happier and we get a long great.. I know if we were still together Jennah would be growing up in a stressful enviorment. Something I defently dont want and I know thats something Adam doesnt want.. So I guess this divorce was good for soemthing.. lol I wish him the best and for a happy life..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

R I P Christopher Porcoro

Last Sunday April 3rd, a very close cousin of mine was murdered.. He was found dead in his apartment after fire fighters put out the fire in his house.. Chris did not die from the fire.. He was shot.. Him and a girl were both found dead in the living room.

Its been really tough but I have surrounded myself with family..

Chris was only 30.. Had a wife and 4 children..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weird Layout

Things did not post exactly the way I wanted them too.. Pictures are kinda scattered and My words are way off.. Sorry.. I guess its been awhile since I have been on.. I need to change that.. LOL

Parties, Friends and the Flu

Jennah had a fantastic birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.. It was such a great turn out.. She now has more toys that she doesnt know what to do with herself..

Here is a picture of Jennah blowing out her candles with her daddy and a picture of her and her daddy standing there..One of few pictures I have of her and her daddy..

We also went to a few different parties.. Gabby's, Karter's, Gavin's, and Asheton's. I really love birthday season but boy is it exhausting.. LOL.. Here are some pictures

On another note I just got over the stomach flu and a UTI.. Ran a high fever and of course had all the yucky symptons of a stomach flu.. Thank goodness I am feeling better but now my poor Jennah is sick.. She has the stomach bug and a double ear infection... I feel so bad for her and would change places with her in a heart beat... I guess that comes with motherhood.. LOL...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Some New Pictures

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Post...

So I dont know whats going on with me lately. I have been in this crazy mood to get tattoos and piercings.. LOL.. Two weeks ago I got a tattoo i have been wanting. Its Jennah's inintals in monogramed on my wrist.. Today I went and got my ear pierced... Mid-life crisis? Nah... I'm only 29.. LOL.. I guess its just something I have been wanting to do so I finally have the chance to do get them done..

Here are pictures of my 2 adventures. LOL

Back With Full Force

So I finally got my internet back on so I will be able to start posting again..