Sunday, April 10, 2011

R I P Christopher Porcoro

Last Sunday April 3rd, a very close cousin of mine was murdered.. He was found dead in his apartment after fire fighters put out the fire in his house.. Chris did not die from the fire.. He was shot.. Him and a girl were both found dead in the living room.

Its been really tough but I have surrounded myself with family..

Chris was only 30.. Had a wife and 4 children..

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weird Layout

Things did not post exactly the way I wanted them too.. Pictures are kinda scattered and My words are way off.. Sorry.. I guess its been awhile since I have been on.. I need to change that.. LOL

Parties, Friends and the Flu

Jennah had a fantastic birthday party at Chuck E Cheese.. It was such a great turn out.. She now has more toys that she doesnt know what to do with herself..

Here is a picture of Jennah blowing out her candles with her daddy and a picture of her and her daddy standing there..One of few pictures I have of her and her daddy..

We also went to a few different parties.. Gabby's, Karter's, Gavin's, and Asheton's. I really love birthday season but boy is it exhausting.. LOL.. Here are some pictures

On another note I just got over the stomach flu and a UTI.. Ran a high fever and of course had all the yucky symptons of a stomach flu.. Thank goodness I am feeling better but now my poor Jennah is sick.. She has the stomach bug and a double ear infection... I feel so bad for her and would change places with her in a heart beat... I guess that comes with motherhood.. LOL...