Sunday, June 15, 2008

Adams new potential new job and his first Fathers Day

So for the past couple of months he Adam has been going through the invertiewing and hiring process with the Mauldin Police Department. Saturday he had his last interview with the chief and sure enough he was offered a position with the department. The chief just has to run it by some other people and make sure everything is ok and ready to go. So Adam has going to have to go in sometime soon to fill out some paper work and stuff.. The chief said that the next academy date isnt untill after the summer. So Adam is thinking it will be September or so... I am so excited for him but than again I am nervous. I am nervous b/c I will have to be alone for 9 weeks while he is at the academy. Now its not that I will be alone persay but it will be that I am going to be alone with Jennah and I will have no help. Its going to be really hard. He did mention that he thinks he will have the weekends off.. BUT with gas prices are so freaking high.. That is going to be a lot of money for him to be going back and fourth. But I guess we'll see what happens with the time comes.

Today was Adams first fathers day. We went to his parents and his mom cooked ribs on the grill. So he seemed to have a great day. His mom got him a framed picture that she had sketched. Its a picture of when Jennah was first born. She is holding his finger.. Its a super cute picutre. The sketch came out really well.

But for now I must go. Its getting late and I'm tired... So till next time.....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

First Post

Ok I am going to try my best with keeping up with this blog.. This Blog will be so my friends and family can see little Miss Jennah and read updates on her.

She is growing way to fast. She is starting to giggle which is the cutest thing. I never thought in my life I could love someone so much. She completes me.. :-)

Last Saturday June 7th we took Jennah for her first photo shoot.. It kinda sucked b/c she fell asleep right before the shoot.. We had to wake her and so of course she wasnt in the best mood. We did end up getting some really cute pictures. Adam got kinda frustrated b/c there wasnt much we could do with her and the photographer was kinda weird. But than again its hard to get good shots with a 3 month old.. She cant really do much. So hopefully when we get her 6 month pictures done they will be alittle better.. But who knows.. We'll see what happens..