Wednesday, June 15, 2011

She Cracks Me Up

Jennah always seems to amaze me on how smart she is.. I know that sounds weird but she says off the wall things.. Things I had no clue she even knew about.. For example we were sitting on the couch watching Cops and there was a guy handcuffed and then all of a sudden she say's "Him's going to jail".. I looked at her and was like "OMG what did you just say". She repeated it.. I just started to laugh and I agreed with her and told her that "yes he is going to jail, he was a bad boy and had to go to jail." Like, Seriously does she really know what jail is? I called Adam right away and told him about it.. He just laughed.. He doesnt really remember ever saying anything about jail so theres no telling where she learned that.. It was super cute.