Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being the better person, "D" day and Potty Training

Ok, on Saturday I was driving over to Jamies when we passed by Matress Firm.. All of a sudden Jennah is in the back seat repeating Mary's name (Mary is Adam's girlfriend). I looked in the window as I was passing and saw that Mary was sitting at the desk by herself.. I asked Jennah if she wanted to say hi to her and she got all excited and said yes.. So I sighed and said ok.. Well my insides were shaking. I pulled in the parking space and had to just sit there and breathe.. I got Jennah out of the car and walked on in.. I wish everyone could have seen Mary's face.. it was hilarious.. LOL. She said hi and all and Jennah decided to play shy. I stood there and talked to her for about 10 mins about absolutley nothing.. Just trying to make small talk as Jennah played with her and stuff.. When it was over with I got in the car and text Adam right away. The funny thing was that she texted him the same exact time.. She said it was really nice of me and super cute that Jennah wanted to see her... Yeah it was nice of me.. Only if she knew that i was freaking out inside.. But Me as the better person put my feelings aside and let Jennah say hi to her...

So today is the first anniversary of my divorce. I was expecting it to be an awful day.. It ended up pretty good. I was in a good mood and really didnt think about what kind of day it was. I did bring it up to a few people but over all it was great.. Started my day very positive, had a great lunch with Jamie and then finished my day with a calm afternoon.. THANK GOODNESS my kids were in a pretty decent mood. They were pretty good. I love my daughter more than life but she is with Adam tonight and I'm kinda greatful. I have this evening to relax and just chill out.. Hey, even blog about my day and my life.. :-) Now that this day is almost over I can continue on with my healing and continue becoming a strong and a independent person.

So I am having a problem with my crazy child... See.. she has been pottied trained for many many many months... BUT for some reason she would not poop in the potty.. Here recently she has started pooping in the potty. Going on here own and coming out of the potty super excited..(its really cute). So, she will NOT poop in the potty for her daddy. He is doing all tricks that I am doing but what in the world could he be doing wrong? Why in the world is she being so stubborn for him? I guess she is just like her daddy.. LOL. So hopefully things will work out and she'll finally get the hang of it for him....