Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Like Her Daddy

I had to take this picture of Jennah napping with her daddy today.. It was the cutest thing b/c they were sleeping the same way... And ssssshhh lets not tell him that I posted this picture.. LOL he might get alittle upset

My sister's visit

This weekend was pretty exciting... My sister and her girls came up from Charleston for a visit... It was really great to see her and it was nice for her to finally meet Jennah. She has been trying to come up since she has been born but things never seemed to work out.. We tried to go down there a month or so ago but unexpected bills came up and we couldnt afford to go down there. Sadly she is leaving tomorrow around 1pm. Sunday is usually my pretty lazy day and I know I wont be able to get up and see her before she leaves. But thats ok.

My poor Jennah.. When we got there yesterday she was super tired since she just woke up from a short nap that she took on the way. Since she was tired she was a bit fussy. She wouldnt go by any one for the first hour or so. I felt bad b/c here my sister was meeting her for the first time and Jennah just cried every time she talked to her or tried to hold her. But after an hour or so she warmed up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just For Fun

Here are some pictures that I took for fun. :-) And it looks like she has the same face in all of the pictures.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5 Months

My Baby is 5 months old today.......

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Mouse times 2

Saturday night I was hanging out with my friend Jen at her boyfriends house.. So we were sitting in the living room and all of a sudden I see something in the corner of my eye. I just ignored it and kept on talking.. I saw something move so I decided to take a look and see what it was.. Well it turned out to be a tiny mouse. I freaked out and told her that I saw a mouse. She froze and just kept on telling me to shut up... I then saw it run from the kitchen into the dining room. It ran under the desk and than again I kept on saying theres a mouse.. So she freaked out b/c she is scared of them. I was laughing so hard b/c she was scared and she swore I was seeing things.. So we stood there to see if we could see it again. Every time she would turn around the mouse would come out from beside the desk and than run back.. It took her awhile but she finally saw it. OMG she screamed.. Please keep in mind it was like 12:30 at night.. I called Adam but he was working so he couldnt come and help us out and her boyfriend was doing some night fishing.. I ended up calling my poor cousin to come help us out and to catch the stupid thing.

So the times 2 part now comes in. One time I saw the mouse jump that mouse was tiny and grey.. The next time we would see it, it would be fat and blackish.. We swore there were 2 mice. The strange thing was we would only see 1 at a time. Ok so my cousin came and opened the cabinet of the desk and saw the grey one sitting there.. He shut the door b/c Jen wanted to see it. When he went to open back up the thing wasnt there.. We got so frustrated b/c the thing ended up running across the kitchen and under the fridge. My cousin ended up setting up a trap with hoping to catch it. By that time it was after 1am and I needed to get my baby home into her bed.

I get a text message about 10 mins after I get home saying that Jen saw one mouse run into one of kids bedroom and than she went into the laundry room and saw one run under the dryer.. Needless to say there were 2 and probably more.

Today I get a text message saying the trap is closed but theres no mouse..

I will keep ya'll updated on this mouse situation.. Hopefully she will catch those crazy little mice.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Jennah has been feeling better and thank goodness she is sleeping better. Last night she slept all night.. I did have to wake up once to give her her passy.. She fell right asleep and I had to wake her at 8 for day care. I am just so glad she is feeling better

Well today while I was picking up a baby out of a swing I hurt my back. I really hurts to lean down and stand for a long period of time. I took some motrin to help me work all day. We will see how it feels tomorrow morning. I might just have to go see a doctor. Its probably just a pulled muscle but who knows. We'll see how things go

OK so last night Adam whistled and all of a sudden he looks over to Jennah and she is giving this sad look with her bottom lip all out. It was the cutest thing. So he kept on doing it and when he did she would do the same thing. It got sad b/c she let out 2 huge tears... So was really upset.. So I got my camera and had to take a picture and record it...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Rough Weekend

Since Jennah has been sick she has been such a crab butt.. She's not eating well or sleeping well.. So she has been an overall crab. Saturday morning she woke up at 5:30 and than she decided she was going to cry.. I gave her a bottle hoping she would go back to sleep but she didnt. She fell back to sleep around 8:30 and than slept for 30 mins.. She feel back to sleep again around 11 and than woke up at 1pm.. That was nice but in between naps all she did was cry. Today (Sunday) was alittle better but still rough. She woke up at 4:45. I fed her and we went right back to sleep. The problem this morning was that she kept on rolling on her belly and she was getting frustrated b/c she never sleeps on her belly. I guess it was uncomfortable to her or it was just b/c she wasnt used to it. I dont know but i finally just gave in and stopped rolling her on her back.. I told her she's just gonna have to learn to sleep on her stomache.. I cant keep going in there and rolling her back over. She did sleep on her stomache for a few hours this morning.. So lets just hope tonight is a better..

Outside of having a frustrating weekend, today we went to a friends house for dinner. It was nice chat and hang out since we dont see them very often. So of course I did take some pictures...

In the pictures above Adam was rough houseing with Jennah.. She loves it and I am a nervous wreck.. LOl

In this picture Dylon (our friends son) was playing in Jennah's car seat.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Poor Jennah

So the past couple of days Jennah has been really fussy and wasnt eating like she used too. She used to suck down a 6oz bottle with no problem. The past couple of days she was only drinking like 3 or 3 1/2 at a time and then be done with. She was also not sleeping very well. Since Adam had the day off I had him take her to the doctor to see if anything was going on. So of course the poor thing has another ear infection. Thats her second one in a month. So I feel really bad for her..