Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amanda's Bachelorette Party

Last night I was able to have some me time and hang out with some friends.. It was Amanda's (my boss and friend) bachelorette party. We first went to her friend Heather's house to eat pizza and have a few drinks.. After Heather's we went to Brick City Grill. I had tons of fun and found my new favorite drink.. Its called Grape Ape and boy was it yummy. It taste just like grape kool-aide. So after Brick City we left and went to wild wing's.. I rode with my friend Chris so I can drink (I'm not a big drinker and when I do it hits me hard.. LOL). Well we stood around for a few mins waiting on Amanda to arrive when one of her friends got a call saying that she went home.. Poor thing got pretty sick and went back to Heather's. The funny thing was, it was only 11pm when she called it a night.. She swore up and down that she was going to be going all night.. But oh well. I had tons of fun and I am sure if she knew I was posting about her getting sick she would smack me.. LOL... So of course here are some pictures from the night...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

7 Random Things

My friend Leza tagged me on her blog and so now I need to post a blog about 7 random things about me.

Here I go......

1. My favorite time of the day is sunrise. Around 5am. This time of day is so peaceful.

2. Adam and I are high school sweethearts and dated 9 years before getting married.

3. I am terrified of fire and fire truck sirens.

4. I did no get my drivers license untill I was 22 and my first car was a Grand AM

5. Besides my husband I do not have a best friend.. Just many great freinds.

6. Hopefully one day I will live back in New Jersey where I am from or Chicago where Adam is from. I honestly miss it up there very much.

7. I was named after a actress named Kristy McNickel

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall For Greenville

This post is late but I guess its better late than never..

Last weekend Jennah and I went to Fall for Greenville with my friend Jen and her kiddos... We went on a Sunday thinking the crowd wouldnt be that bad.. but in reality it was bad.. We were even there when everything was closing up. I had a few friends that went on Saturday and they said the crowd was crazy. You couldnt move.. Even tho the crowd was bad we had a good time.. It was nice to get out and hang out with a friend.

Of course I took some pictures of the night but they didnt turn out that well.. I do have this one picture of Jennah and I and than Jen emailed me pictures of the babies playing..

Jennah and her friend Andrew... Sorry about the red eyes....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Crazy Baby

Last night I went to go check on Jennah while Adam and I were watching a movie... When I first walked in the room i didnt really see her in the crib.. But as I walk further in the room I was able to see her.. She was sleep with a blanket around her face and neck and her one leg up on a stuffed animal.. Now I know thats not the safest thing but It was pretty funny. I had to go run and grab my camera and said to myself this is going to be a blog.. LOL

Here is picture number 1

About 45 minutes later I go and check up on her again and notice she was just about in the same position but her other leg is propped up on another stuffed animal.. In the picture above the Minnie Mouse is sitting up and the picture below Minnie Mouse is down and her leg is on it... I tried to take the picture with no flash and the picture ended up really red.. I had to edit the red out and thats why its looks so bright in the room. The lights are actually off..

Sunday, October 5, 2008


My Weekend

So the craziest thing happened to me on Friday. After work I text Adam to see if he can talk.. Well he called me right away and we talked for about 5 mins. I was on my way to his parents house to spend the night. He told me that he was able to leave campus for a little while so he was on his way to Wal-Mart. He also kept on asking me what me and his mom were going to be doing that night. I swear he asked me like 5 times. Well when I got to his parents house I stayed for a few mins and than Adam called me again. We talked for a few mins and than i decided to leave Jennah with his mom and I was going to run home to get my dogs..

When i got to my house I noticed there was a white unmarked police car.. The same car that he drove down to the academy with. I just smiled and shook my head.. I walk into my apartment and there he was.. LOL I was SUPER excited that he was home. He told me that he will be able to come home every weekend. He just doesnt know what time he will be leaving each weekend. Like one weekend he might come home early Friday and than the next weekend he might not be able to come home untill Saturday. So it depends.. But that doesnt matter to me.. Atleast he will be able to come home on the weekends.

Today I attempted to take some pictures of Jennah as a "photographer".. They didnt turn out the way I would have liked but I did manage to get some great shots. I guess I just have to keep practicing.

Tomorrow (Monday) will be a short day for me.. I get off at 3. The only bad thing is that I have a doctor's appoinment. So its not like I'm getting off to have fun.. LOL