Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stressed and Blessed

I tend to complain about a lot of things that happen in my life.. Like the past couple of weeks have been pretty tough on me.. I have had a lot of challenging things happen and then I had some greatful things happen.. Well lets just say the whole month of June was a challenge for me.. June 10th is my wedding anniversary, then June 14th is my divorce anniversary.. I tried to think of those dates as milestones.. See how much I have grown in those years... I honestly couldnt tell you why this year it was so tough.. I really had a hard time dealing with those.. AND on top of all that I fell SO behind on my bills.. Struggling really bad.. So stress with that kinda took over as well.. I ended up with an ear infection that wouldnt seem to go away and since I had so much stress I developed Shingles once again.. So now I am struggling with that. What a pain in the butt... Thesejust an example of what happened this month..

SO, not only did bad things happen I had a few good things that happened.. While struggling with my situations I realized what great friends and family I had.. I had one particular friend that helped me beyond I can imagine.. If it wasnt for her I would be in a huge rutt. So a huge thank you to Jamie.. :-)

I dont know if I have ever mentioned but I LOVE the 4th of July.. Its my ultimate favorite holiday.. I love just about everythign about it.. Friends, Family, cookouts, the smell of cookouts, fireworks, pool, beer, seeing the face on my daughter when she sees the fireworks, and all the red white and blue.. Couldnt have asked for a better holiday...